How Much To Install 1000 Sq Ft Of Carpet

267 square feet: 1.70: 2.35: carpet equipment Allowance Job related costs of specialty equipment used for job quality and efficiency, including: 20′ stretcher, carpet edge trimmer and hot melt seaming tool. daily rental. Consumables extra. 267 square feet: $601.70: $792.35: Option: Remove Carpet Detach carpet from tack strip and adjacent surfaces.

On average, most people can expect to spend about $5,330 to lay 1,000 square feet of carpet. This estimated rate includes standard carpeting, padding, and all labor. Although prices vary throughout the country, the average cost to carpet 1,000 sq. ft. ranges from $4,100 to $6,500 .

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How much does new carpet cost Including installation and padHow much does carpet removal and installation cost? Carpet removal costs $2 to $3 per square foot, on top of $3.50 to $11 per square foot to install new material. This does not include disposal of the old flooring. How much does carpet maintenance cost and what’s involved? Carpet cleaning costs $125 to $250. Maintenance may include steaming, dry-cleaning and spot treatment.

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For easy to follow numbers, we are going to price a room measuring 12’ft. by 10’ft. (120 sq. ft.) to get you the average cost to install carpeting for this project include: Carpet Selection: Carpeting can cost as little as $2.50-5.50 per sq. ft. for cheap to mid-range carpet, up to $6-10.00/Sq ft. for top grade carpeting.

As of 2010, expect to pay 66 cents to $1.55 for moving furniture, carpet and padding removal, carpet and padding disposal, and installation, according to Cost Helper. The installation cost for 1,000 square feet is $660 to $1,550.

The cost to install carpet depends on three factors: the carpet, padding, and the labor. At The Home Depot, the cost of carpet installation is FREE on purchases of $699 or more.